$185,304 Jackpot Winning Ticket Sold

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Colesville Beer and Wine sold a $185,304 jackpot winning Maryland Lottery Fast Play ticket. The lucky player played a Fast Play ticket that gave them the jackpot on the “Cold Hard Cash” fast play game.

Fast Play from the Maryland Lottery is a instantly checkable game that is like a scratch off that involves no scratching, and can be checked immediately to see if the ticket is a winner.

Select Fast Play games offer a progressive jackpot that is similar to the prize increasing structure of the famous Mega Millions and Powerball games. These games have no top prize, but a progressively growing prize with each non winning ticket sold. The jackpot for these select Fast Play games will continuously grow until someone ultimately wins the growing pot.

Colesville Beer and Wine is a XCAP location, servicing players with winnings over $600 (up to $5,000). Play, enjoy, and bring your winning tickets to Colesville Beer and Wine.

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