Dolce: Liquid Gold from California is Now Available

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Dolce: Liquid Gold from California is now available at Colesville Beer & Wine. Through time honed crafted methods to bring you the best, Dolce Winery brings you their latest stunning creation.

Through their ideas of essence:

With a classic blend of late harvest Semillon and Sauvignon Blanc, Dolce is the only American winery dedicated to producing a single late harvest wine. Dolce has brought forth a wine in every vintage, yet in small, unpredictable quantities; witness to the incredible difficulties presented every year in the effort to make Dolce.

The absolute artistry:

The process of turning botrytised grapes into golden-hued Dolce is technically demanding, but through the combination of science, time-tested traditions and our philosophy, each vintage releases its dazzling potential.

And commitment to their single harvest wine craft, Dolce offers an experience that only few wineries can offer.

More Info:

Dolce Winery (Official Site)