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*9.0% ABV



“This deliciously sweet wine has flavors and aromas of Moscato with additional sweet layers of juicy red fruit.”

Subtle notes of cherry, raspberry and pomegranate complement its vibrant finish.

Barefoot Pink Moscato is a versatile wine and pairs well with almost anything. Dishes like spicy appetizers, Chinese take-out or fresh strawberries and whipped cream go well with the fruity and sweet finish of Barefoot Pink Moscato.

“Barefoot is honored to be the most awarded wine brand in the world for its innovative approach to winemaking and diverse collection of delicious, refreshing wines that are constantly making new friends around the globe.”

“At Barefoot, we’ve always marched to the beat of our own grapes. How do you become the world’s most loved wine brand? You start with a belief that wine should never be taken too seriously and a conviction that when you follow your heart there’s no limit to how far your vine will grow.”

“Take our very beginnings in 1965, when California winemaker Davis Bynum first created Barefoot Bynum Burgundy in his garage. The unconventional name referred to – what else? – the free-spirited method of crushing grapes barefoot.”

“Our Wine Maker, Jennifer Wall is a native Californian, mother of three, the US most award winemaker. Over twenty-five years ago, Jen brought all her curiosity, creativity, and good vibes to the Barefoot family. She’s been keeping things interesting ever since, creating a diverse collection of delicious wines.”

“All in all, her wines have received over 10,000 medals, countless accolades, and — best of all — the love of Barefooters around the world. Plus, Jen is one of our most passionate voices for the charitable causes we love.”

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