Budweiser Black Crown Review

Every once in a while a product comes down the pipeline, where the gamut of media attention and the entire spectacle of it all; it all just begs to be tried. It's New! Flashy Packaging! Everyone is having so much fun in our ads! The latest in the entry of over-hype comes Budweiser's newest offering: The Black Crown.

Even the name suggests something worthy for the Royalty of Buckingham. And it is Black. Always f***ing bet on black! The lavish ads displayed during the Superbowl, as well as the push by sales reps to make Budweiser Black Crown the newest brew that everyone must try, follows along a similar line from just a year ago. Budweiser unleashed the Bud Light Platinum in almost the very same way, and it was a huge hit. Mostly because the flavor and strength of the beer was more reminiscent of Ice Beers, but it wasn't. And the flavor wasn't bad. It was crisp, and very drinkable. Not the best, but drinkable. And with great marketing, drinkable is more than passable.

Well, just like Johnny Walker Black being the lowest tier for its brand, Budweiser Black Crown certainly deserves to be the bottom tier of Anheuser Busch. Bud Black Crown, immediately gives off horrible notes upon opening. A quick whiff of the nose and it smells like old skunked beer from your uncle's garage fridge. It's been there for half a decade. Only it hasn't been. The packaging clearly states it was made just a month ago. So what the f' gives?

Upon taking a sip, the beer's flavor of beech wood is unmistakable. It seeps through the very essence of Bud Black Crown, and it begs you to suffer with it. I remember as a young kid, being unfortunate enough to fall from playing tag and land on some wet mulch. When I came to attention, and opened my eyes, some of the wet mulch was in my mouth. The disgusting wood chip like flavor permeating through my mouth. That is Bud Black Crown. Those are the memories it conjures, along with the elbow scrapes.

Bud Black Crown is something that I'm sure someone out there will truly like. And they will miss it when it's gone. But for the rest of the population, this is just another Tequiza, Miller Chill, Zima, and what have you.

Try it once, to say that you have tried it. Aside from that, there are many other great beers to be enjoyed at the store.