Inside Look: The World's Most Expensive Wine

Australia's Penfold's Ampoule, blends rare wine with fine art to create a masterpiece of a Wine. It probably will sit in someones cellar for all eternity, never to be opened or sampled. Ironic isn't it?

Dialing in at $168,000 AU from the Winemakers themselves, it is the most expensive wine ever produced and sold from a winery without the collector's market's mark-up. Only twelve bottles have been produced, and all of them have been sold across the globe. Securing one of these in your own private cellar will probably set you back much more than that, now.

Making of the Ampoule

Grown from one of the world's oldest vines of Cabernet, the wine has been meticulously crafted with some of the best wine makers in Australia. The price tag even includes little perks like "when the purchaser finally decides to open the ampoule, a senior member of the Penfolds winemaking team will travel to the owner’s location for a 'special opening ceremony' (The Drink Business).

The bottle is encased in glass with another tube of glass inside holding the wine. Penfolds used a secret technique for this unique bottling method, and refuses to share its secrets. So much so, that the bottle must be opened in a special way. Perhaps making the perk of a special wine opening a necessity.

An absolute marvel of art, but can the bottle and perk alone justify its price? Or is the wine really THAT good?

Enclosed is a link to one of the bottles currently up for sale. Enjoy.