Just Arrived: New Sam Adams

Colesville Beer and Wine is proud to present 5 new beers to the store!

Just arrived is two of the Samuel Adams oak barrel aged series. Thirteenth Hour, a dark Belgian style stout with hints of coffee; and the New World, a Tripel style beer with tropical fruit. Both are aged in Oak barrels for added character. And if the Flying Dog's barrel aged line is a good litmus test, then the Sam Adams should be delicious as well.

Thirteenth Hour 9% ABV
New World 10% ABV

We also received three of the famed Boston Brewery's special line of 22oz beers, the Small Batch. The Double Bock a solid beer which we previously carried as a 6-pack, the Imperial White, a deep and rich wheat beer with spices, and the Third Voyage, a double IPA using three distinct hops from England, New Zealand, and the Pacific Northwest.

Double Bock 9.5% ABV
Imperial White 10.3% ABV
Third Voyage 8% ABV

Come and try some out today!