New Albion Ale Review

New Albion Ale is supposedly a beer recipe that had died off many decades ago. Apparently in a sad fate. A sordid tale that didn't interest me much. It is from the same guys as Sam Adams, and seriously, those guys love the lore behind their beer. More so than the beer itself. Or is it because they love their beer so much, that the lore is so fascinating?

But to the point, New Albion Ale is an American style pale ale, and it enters (or re-enters) a very crowded market, dominated by its cousins: the Indian Pale Ale. The market, and even our own shelves are filled with Indian Pale Ales, boasting of six, nine, maybe even eleven percent alcohol; there to see if you do dare to brave it. And if you do, can you have two? Uhh...

But New Albion Ale isn't for that market. It is for a simpler, quieter drinker. One who likes sessions. Not binge drinking. It's not for drinkers who have two beers then call Doctor Tylenol in the morning. No, New Albion is a pale ale with enough bite to entice you to have another. While laughing with an old friend; about memories made and that have yet come to pass. Relaxed, and not needlessly wanting attention, it is good for the fireplace, camping, BBQ, and whatever gathering you may have. New Albion Ale is something akin to Fat Tire from New Belgium, where it asks you to bring it along with your buddies for a nice long session.

Unfortunately, it does enter an already crowded market, and with a lineage that has now been decades absent from the minds of consumers; it is going to be tough. Which is a terrible thing, as it were. Because it is a good beer. Not bad, not bad at all, but even after drinking it myself, I'm left asking: "Is it memorable?"

And that folks, is why I can recommend it, but you, probably, will NOT to the friend who wasn't there for your session. He simply missed out, and that is all.