Redhook Brewery Beers

Colesville Beer and Wine is proud once again to host Red Hook brewery's line of beers! One of the original craft brewers, they specialize in great beer that is not like your standard offerings from the big guys, but not too heavy like most of the true craft beers. A truly sessionable beer with great ability to be crushed, Red Hook makes a great addition to any cookout or gathering!

And now, Red Hook brewery has teamed up with none other Dan Patrick, of NBC Sports and formerly ESPN! Their collaboration has yielded the Audible Ale, a beer personally created, signed off, and approved by Dan Patrick! Refreshing and smooth, this pale ale is tasty but doesn't fill you up. Before you know it, you look down and you've drank 5 of the 6 already! True to form, it's a great beer to be had during your favorite team's broadcasts!

Pale Ale - Audible Ale 4.7% ABV
Amber - ESB Red Ale 5.8% ABV
Belgian Wit - Wit - 5.3% ABV