Yellow Tail Wines

Yellow Tail Wines are available at Colesville Beer and Wine!

The world's most popular line of wines, Yellow Tail wines are known for their great prices and great quality. Hailing from Australia, they have been booming all over the world ever since their introduction in 1994. Run originally by Flippo and Maria Casella family from Italy, they packed up and moved their wine business to Aurtralia.

From humble beginnings, this family has come a long way. Today the company is run by Filippo’s three sons—John, Joe and Marcello—while Filippo’s grandchildren have become the sixth generation to join the family business. In 2000, John Casella joined forces with another family-run company, W.J. Deutsch & Sons, to bring the goodness of [yellow tail] to the United States.

All types of Yellow Tail 1.5 Liter wines have been, and will be on sale for $12.99. Enjoy the cool spring weather with a bottle of great tasting Yellow Tail wines. Perfect for no matter what our area's weather is throwing at you.

Three of the whites are available cold in our Wine Cooler. If you know exactly what you want (or you don't), you can ask one of our employees to retrieve a cold bottle.

Yellow Tail Wines 1.5 Liter Inventory

Chardonnay (Available Cold)
Pinot Grigio (Available Cold)
Moscato (Available Cold)
Cabernet Sauvignon
Shiraz & Grenache
Cabernet Sauvignon & Merlot
Shiraz & Cabernet Sauvignon
Tree-Free Chardonnay