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*11.5% ABV



Hive & Honey Riesling offers a fresh and environmentally friendly grown wine.

The winery notes that their riesling is: “At first sip, this mouthwatering Riesling charms with aromas of citrus blossom, nectarine and Meyer lemon. Enticing flavors of pear; pineapple and passionfruit play across the palate. Light bodied with crisp acidity, it is balanced by the perfect amount of sweetness and a refreshing fruit finish. Fragrant and delightful, Hive & Honey Riesling enhances any occasion.”

“We believe that being socially and environmentally responsible is a joy! We are lucky to have some of the very best jobs in the world and pay it forward by farming sustainably and caring for our employees. Every year we go through a rigorous auditing process to renew our sustainability certification. Both in the vineyards and in the winery we look for ways to cut waste and promote social equity.”

“Life is sweet in Monterey and we’re blessed to live and work here. The picture-perfect climate of Monterey, California is heaven on earth for our vibrant Riesling and Gewürztraminer vines, and the astounding beauty and pace of life around Monterey Bay is perfect for our families. Hive & Honey wines are grown on our estate vineyards and pressed and bottled in our estate winery, which means we are responsible for everything. But we wouldn’t have it any other way.”

“In the vineyard we have built and installed more than 250 owl boxes to promote a sustainable ecosystem that supports biodiversity. Each year we plant a variety of cover crops between our vineyard rows to prevent erosion, improve soil health, and support beneficial insects such as bees, lacewings and ladybugs. In the winery, we recycle 100% of winery water and reuse it on our vineyards and we compost 100% of the grape pomace, stems and seeds and spread it back into our vineyards.”

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