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*14.5% ABV



French oak beautifully transforms intense hillside fruit into a wine with uncommon richness and smooth, luxurious texture. Juggernaut hillside Cabernet is a wine that is fierce, brave, and delicious.

The hillside vineyards of Juggernaut Wines are special. So is the wine that is crafted from them.

These hillside vineyards have less access to water, with the rockier soil also holding fewer nutrients.

Our grapes are grown in challenging conditions, where true grit and determination yield spectacular results.

These conditions stress the vines, resulting in the production of a fraction of the fruit of most vineyards.

Determined hillside Cabernet vines struggle to find purchase on steep, rocky slopes, where well-draining soils inspire roots to burrow deep in search of life-sustaining moisture. Steadfast Pinot Noir vines endure, unwavering, in inhospitable conditions, battered by wind and fog, struggling to utilize every precious hour of warmth and sunlight over a long growing season

The harsh environment causes the vines to struggle, yielding fewer clusters and smaller berry size. The result is berries that are loaded with rich, ripe, intensely concentrated flavors and complexity.

Steep hillside vineyards present the ultimate challenge. Mountainous terrain tests both the grower and the vine.

But the results can be extraordinary.

Juggernaut hillside Cabernet is a wine that is fierce, brave, and delicious.

Juggernaut wines harness the power of nature to produce robust, compelling wines as expressive as the powerful alpha-predators adorning our labels.


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