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*5.5% ABV



“Blackberry, blueberry, and raspberry. Slip into your sexy and seductive side with Stella Rosa Black.”

“A sultry semi-sweet, semi-sparkling red blend from the Luxury Collection.”

Great with fresh Havarti and Manchego cheeses or blue cheese-stuffed hamburgers.

Stella Rosa Black can be served chilled to bring a bright flavor to a bratwurst bathed in beer, dark chocolate soufflé, or black walnut ice cream.

“There’s a mysterious nature about this one – about you – that is undeniably alluring.”

For Stella Rosa Winery: “It all started in 1917, when the Riboli family founded Los Angeles’ historic San Antonio Winery. Back then, Los Angeles was the prime location for wine growing in all of California.”

“For some time, the wine industry reigned as one of Southern California’s most economically significant and popular industries of that time.”

“After surviving Prohibition and about a century later, the Riboli family has continued its artisan winemaking tradition through four generations.”

“From within the tasting rooms of San Antonio Winery, customers repeatedly requested a sweeter, light, refreshing wine.”

“The Riboli family took this unique opportunity to create a new semi-sweet, semi-sparkling wine style, which today, they are a leader of. And so, Stella Rosa was born.”

The area of Asti has particular significance to our family, as it is the birthplace of our family matriarch, Maddalena Riboli.

“To create the Stella Rosa wines, our family chose the region of Asti, a province in Piedmont, Italy, as the source for its aromatic grapes, which have become the hallmark for the Stella Rosa style of wines.”

“Our first Stella Rosa wine was Moscato D’Asti, which has become a flagship of this line.”

“Born through a rich legacy, Stella Rosa remains at the forefront of innovation. Stella Rosa is not just about producing award-winning semi-sweet, semi-sparkling Italian wines; it’s about evolving with the spirit of the times when it comes to wine trends and popular culture.”

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