Resurrection Beer

Resurrection Abbey Brown Ale is now available at Colesville Beer and Wine. Brewed locally in Baltimore, Maryland at The Brewer's Art, Resurrection is a great beer for any occasion!

We are glad to welcome Bengali Tiger IPA from Sixpoint Brewery to our inventory. An IPA reaching rave reviews throughout the nation, their 4 packs come in cans to make sure the beer does not come in contact with light.

Angry Orchard

Angry Orchard's line of hard ciders are now available at Colesville Beer and Wine. Enjoy an alternative to beer, with three refreshing flavors; Crisp Apple, Apple Ginger, and Traditional Dry.

An excellent review from Fermentedly Challenged says:

New Albion

New Albion Ale is supposedly a beer recipe that had died off many decades ago. Apparently in a sad fate. A sordid tale that didn't interest me much. It is from the same guys as Sam Adams, and seriously, those guys love the lore behind their beer. More so than the beer itself.

Bud Black Crown

Every once in a while a product comes down the pipeline, where the gamut of media attention and the entire spectacle of it all; it all just begs to be tried. It's New! Flashy Packaging!

Magic Hat has returned to Colesville Beer and Wine! After a short hiatus, the Vermont brewery is proudly featured once again.

The eponymous #9, along with Circus Boy and the spring seasonal Pistil are featured in the beer cooler.