Bud Light: Straw-Ber-Rita

Bud Light: Straw-Ber-Rita is now in stock and for sale alongside its brethren, the ever popular Lime-A-Rita.

It took its sweet time getting over (DC and PG County getting first dibs), but it's finally here. Stop by and try a 6-Pack or a 12-Pack today!

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"It’s not very often I get to use a word like scrumptious to describe a wine, but that is exactly what this one is. SCRUMP-DIDDILY-UMPTIOUS!" - Wine Girl, Kitchen Doesn't Travel

Liberty Creek wines, 1.5 liters, are now on sale at Colesville Beer & Wine.

An inexpensive and great table wine from California, all of their wines can make a great compliment to your favorite dishes. Try a bottle today!

Jam Jar Wines

Jam Jar wines are now available at Colesville Beer & Wine! Featuring the Sweet Shiraz (sweet shiraz?) and the fruity white, the Moscato. Both are available in store now.

Pick one up today if you fancy a little sweetness to your wines!

Magic Hat has returned to Colesville Beer and Wine! After a short hiatus, the Vermont brewery is proudly featured once again.

The eponymous #9, along with Circus Boy and the spring seasonal Pistil are featured in the beer cooler.

Yellow Tail Wines

Yellow Tail Wines are available at Colesville Beer and Wine!