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*13.7% ABV



Meiomi has taken their Pinot Noir to the next level, accessible to anyone regardless of their proficiency with the genre. Extremely approachable, yet able to easily pique anyone’s interest into the world of wine; Meiomi achieves something few wineries can.

Whether you are enjoying a glass while enjoying the vibe alone, or sharing a bottle with cherished ones during any occasion, Meiomi Pinot Noir makes a perfect compliment to any moment.

California will always be home to Meiomi. Meiomi is supporting the communities in our home state through contributions to wildfire prevention efforts, including:
• Donating $100k to the Red Cross, Napa Valley Community Foundation + Sonoma County Resilience Fund
• Making an additional $100k donation to the National Forest Foundation, to aid in ongoing efforts behind wildfire prevention

Opening a bottle of Meiomi Pinot Noir with almost any combination of cuisines, opens a bouquet of flavors that enhances any meal or occasion.

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