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*7.25 ABV



With an appealing orange color, and strong aromas of pineapple; Heavy Seas Tropicannon Pineapple IPA features a smooth and refreshing hit of of citrus.

Heavy Seas Brewing believes in being: “independent. We’ve done it our way since 1995.”

“After years being in the brewpub business, Sisson wanted to shift his focus singularly on his own beer. A year after he left Sisson’s Brewpub, Hugh started brewing in 1995 ​as Clipper City Brewing Company.”

“In 2003, Clipper City introduced the Heavy Seas line of beers. They were bold beers meant to challenge the average beer drinker, high alcohol with ​incredible flavor.”

Breaking onto the scene with: “Fun favorites like TropiCannon and award-winners like Blackbeard’s Breakfast paved the way for newer, riskier beers.”

“Introduced in 2004, Loose Cannon IPA became the fan favorite and ultimately the flagship beer of Heavy Seas.  In 2010, the great success of the Heavy Seas line of beers was the deciding factor in adopting the name Heavy Seas for the brewery.”
“Two years later, Chris Leonard joined as Brew Master, and the expansion of the brewhouse went underway.”

Since their introduction to the national craft brewery scene, Heavy Seas has continued to innovate and bring heavier ABV percentage to the craft beer market.

“No matter how popular craft brewing gets, we believe in the craft of brewing. And to us, making quality beer that people can drink and enjoy is what keeps us cranking.”

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