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*28% ABV



Sam Adam’s Utopias is now available at Colesville Beer & Wine. Experience the brewing and blending expertise that only the multi-year process of Sam Adam’s Utopias can bring.

Sam Adam’s Utopias is the final product of a very select few individuals contributing to their passion for beer. Like many legends before their time, the experts contributing to the Sam Adam’s Utopias are trying to achieve the impossible. Perfection.

Banned in 15 states for having an alcohol percentage above what they deemed appropriate for beer; Sam Adam’s Utopias is a vision for beer that transcends above simple metrics of what beer could possibly be.

Thinking beyond what many stereotypically conjures in their mind when the word “beer” is mentioned; the many people and multiple companies that have come together to make every iteration of Sam Adam’s Utopias hope to go above and beyond.

Experience the ultimate vision of beer without boundaries.

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